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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Motivated Cognition

Workshop unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Florian Englmaier, Prof. Dr. Karsten Fischer, Prof. Dr. Mario Gollwitzer, Dr. Astrid Séville und Dr. Anna Wehofsits (LMU).

22.02.2022 – 23.02.2022

As we know from social psychological research of the last 50 years, human information processing (i.e., perception, evaluation, storage, retrieval) is by no means “objective”, but rather motivationally biased: Information processing is essentially shaped by individual goals, values, attitudes, and expectations. Nevertheless, the assumption that humans are always willing and able to absorb information unfiltered, to weigh arguments rationally, to make reasoned (“rational”) decisions, etc., is still found in many social discourses and practices (e.g. criminal law) and political programs. If one were to accept human information processing for what it is – motivated biased – some paradoxes would be resolved and social conflicts would be better understood.

Teilnehmer/innen sind u.a.: Robby Akerlof (Warwick), Jeanne Hagenbach (CNRS/Sciences Po, Paris), Stephan Lewandowsky (Bristol), Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside), Åsa Wikforss (Stockholm).


Ort und Anmeldung

Die Veranstaltung wird als Livestream durchgeführt.

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