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Colour in Islam: Understanding Textual and Visual Historiographies of Colour in Inter-Disciplinary Perspective

Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Teresa Bernheimer (LMU) und Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Troelenberg (Utrecht University).

22.10.2021 – 23.10.2021

How we understand and use colour says a great deal about our view and experience of the world. What is the colour of the sky? Can the description of colour be objective? How do language and vision relate in this process? Colours can be a feature of an object, an abstract idea, expression of an emotion, political symbol, practical signal, or indeed a material, a product or even a status symbol: In the study of Islam, there have been few explorations of this hugely fascinating subject. Even the rapidly growing and specializing field of Islamic art history has only recently started to look systematically into the issue of colour. Bringing together textual and visual approaches from Islamic Studies, Art History and neighbouring disciplines, this workshop aims to explore colour as a ‘blind spot’ in the modern academic historiography of Islamic arts and cultures.

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Die Veranstaltung wird als Livestream durchgeführt. Die Zoom-Veranstaltung läuft unter dem link

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