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The End of Relationships: Moral Challenges

Tagung unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Monika Betzler (CAS Research Group/LMU).

09.09.2021 – 10.09.2021

Close relationships, such as friendships and romantic partnerships, sometimes come to an end. Friends might become estranged and partners break up and eventually divorce. Philosophers of relationships have rarely explored the moral challenges surrounding the ending of relationships. This conference brings together researchers who focus on the following connected questions: what vulnerabilities, harms and relational wrongs are involved in breaking up? Is there an ethics of divorce, and if so, what do we owe our ex-friends and ex-partners? What residual duties remain once we end a relationship? And what is the connection between breakups, our narrative identity and the meaning of our lives?

Teilnehmer/innen sind: Diane Jeske (Iowa/CAS Fellow), Danielle Levitan (Jerusalem), Pilar Lopez-Cantero (Tilburg/CAS Fellow), Jörg Löschke (Universität Zürich/CAS Fellow), Oded Na'aman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem/CAS Fellow), Connie Rosati (Austin), George Tsai (Hawai'i/CAS Fellow), Jonas Vandieken (LMU), Vida Yao (Rice University).


Ort und Anmeldung

Die Konferenz findet als Hybrid-Veranstaltung statt.