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Rethinking Contemporary Legacies of Partition – Cultures of Memorialization, Popular Politics and Cross-Border Ethics in South Asia

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Philipp Zehmisch (Postdoc-Stipendiat der Münchener Universitätsgesellschaft am CAS).

29.06.2017 – 30.06.2017

The repercussions of the partition of British India in 1947 continue to burden relations between postcolonial Pakistan and India. Both nation states were carved out of an abrupt division of populations, religions, territories, landscapes, bureaucracies, and infrastructures that caused the largest mass migration of the 20th century with about one million victims of excessive political violence. 70 years later both nations cling to hegemonic master narratives that construct the "other" as perpetrator of partition. This workshop explores alternative, demotic practices of memorizing partition and its aftermaths by bringing together scholars working in the fields of history, anthropology, sociology, and political science.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Mukulika Banerjee (London School of Economics), Virinder Kalra (Manchester), Raphaela Kormoll (Durham), Gyanendra Pandey (Emory College of Arts and Sciences), Pippa Virdee (Leicester), Vazira Zamindar (Brown University).

Abendvortrag am 29. Juni um 18 Uhr c.t.:

Prof. Gyanendra Pandey, Ph.D. (Emory) – "The Unarchived Histories of Nation-States: Reflections from the Indian subcontinent "

Gyanendra Pandey ist Professor für Geschichte an der Emory University.

Ort und Anmeldung

CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München
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