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Writing Post-1970 History: Conceptualizing the late Twentieth Century in German and American Historiography

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Prof. Daniel T. Rodgers (Princeton University) und Dr. Ariane Leendertz (LMU).

23.06.2011 – 25.06.2011

The workshop will bring together German and American historians of the recent past in an exchange over the conceptual, analytical, and narrative frames for post-1970 history. The central focus is the last third of the 20th century as a period in which understandings of modern society were substantially reconfigured. Though the historical trends in Western societies after the end of the post-war boom were deeply intertwined, the central conceptual frames that emerged in German and American historiography are in many ways significantly different. In bringing their paradigms, concepts, and research topics into explicit comparison and critique, the workshop aims to enrich both historiographies and contribute to the cross-fertilization of their future work.

Teilnehmer u.a.: Howard Brick (Ann Arbor), Alice O’Connor (Santa Barbara), Andreas Wirsching (Institut für Zeitgeschichte), Martin Geyer (LMU).