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Sándor Ferenczi – Interdisciplinary Approaches

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Jenny Willner (CAS Junior Researcher in Residence).

13.09.2018 – 14.09.2018

Poster "Sándor Ferenczi – Interdisciplinary Approaches"The Hungarian psychoanalyst Sándor Ferenczi (1873–1933) is best known for his concept of 'identification with the aggressor' and as a pioneer in thinking about intergenerational transfer of trauma. Termed mentally ill towards the end of his life by Ernest Jones, his contribution to psychoanalytic theory has been underestimated for decades. Over the past years, his writings have seen a renaissance: Ferenczi, the ghost of Freudian psychoanalytic theory, is gaining increasing recognition as an ancestor. He entered the very gaps left open by Freud in his system, such as the mother-child-relationship, abuse as a cause of trauma, phenomena of countertransference or the socio-political dimensions of psychoanalysis and its uncanny relation to spiritualism. The workshop brings together psychoanalytical theorists with researchers who are studying Ferenczi from different disciplinary angles.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Shaul Bar-Haim (Essex), Peter Coviello (Chicago), Brigid Doherty (Princeton), Júlia Gyimesi (Budapest), Galina Hristeva (Stuttgart), Eveline List (Wien), Raluca Soreanu (London), Jakob Staberg (Södertörn), Andrea Ritter (Budapest).

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