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Algorithms, Automation, and News Conference

Workshop unter Leitung von Prof. Neil Thurman, Ph.D. (LMU).

22.05.2018 – 23.05.2018

Algorithms and automation are increasingly implicated in many aspects of news production, distribution, and consumption. For example, algorithms are being used to filter the enormous quantities of content published on social media platforms. Meanwhile, automated journalism – the transforming of structured data on such things as sports results and financial earnings reports into narrative news texts with little to no human intervention aside from the original programming – grows apace. And, algorithms are being used in new ways to distribute and package news content, both enabling consumers to request more of what they like and less of what they don’t and also making decisions on consumers’ behalf based on their behavioral traits, social networks, and personal preferences.

Teilnehmer/innen sind: C.W. Anderson (Leeds), Matt Carlson (Saint Louis), Nicholas Diakopoulos (University of Maryland), Natali Helberger (Amsterdam), Bronwyn Jones (BBC), Rhianne Jones (BBC), Seth C. Lewis (University of Oregon), Stuart Myles (The Associated Press).

Abendvortrag am 22. Mai um 18 Uhr s.t.:

Prof. Philip M. Napoli, Ph.D. (Duke University) – "Taking Stock of the Algorithmic Marketplace of Ideas"

Philip M. Napoli ist James R. Shepley Professor of Public Policy an der Sanford School of Public Policy der Duke University.

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