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Public Economic Policy Responses to International Trade Consequences

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Davide Suverato, Ph.D.

23.03.2017 – 24.03.2017

With the struggle between isolation and cooperation; with the rise of developing countries in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe; with a new economic paradigm, where multinational corporations take the lead of international economic relationships and countries face the urgency of worldwide migration and inequality peaks, the world is facing challenges that need to be met. This workshop brings together leading scholars in the fields of International Economics and Public Economics to discuss two key research questions:

  1. What are the effects of international trade on the labor market, economic growth and inequality?
  2. How do we design redistributive public policies in response to the (long-term) gains and (short-term) costs of international market integration?

Keynote speakers: Elhanan Helpman (Harvard) and Gianmarco Ottaviano (LSE)


CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München