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7en Obrador De Lingüistica Occitana

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Daniela Müller (LMU Research Fellow).

06.07.2015 – 08.07.2015

Occitan is a Gallo-Romance language spoken in Southern France and in a number of valleys in the Spanish Pyrénées and the Italian Alps. This workshop will bring together international scholars studying the rich dialectal variation of Occitan in space and time from a large number of linguistic vantage points, including morphology and syntax, contact linguistics, grammaticography, Medieval scripta, teaching Occitan as a Second Language, ethnographical lexicology and toponymy, sociolinguistics and language politics, sound change, and prosody studies. Talks will be presented in Occitan, French, English, and Italian.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Yaël Champclaux (Tolosa), Federica Cusan (Turin), Nicola Duberti (Turin), Julien Dufour (Straßburg), Loís Grangé (Tolosa), Paolo Benedetto Mas (Turin), Trudel Meisenburg (Osnabrück), Patrick Sauzet (Tolosa).


CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München