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Mathematical Challenges of Zero-Range Physics: Rigorous Results and Open Problems

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Alessandro Michelangeli (CAS Junior Researcher in Residence).

26.02.2014 – 28.02.2014

Last few years‘ spectacular advances in the techniques for manipulating ultra-cold atoms made it possible to prepare systems where the effective interaction among particles is extremely strong and has essentially a zero range. This frontier, now accessible experimentally, has since long been investigated at a theoretical level, where various exotic phenomena and unusual behaviors were predicted and now are observed in the lab. This has renewed a flurry of interest from the mathematical point of view, with the aim of providing a rigorous description of such systems in terms of first principles of quantum mechanics. In this workshop a number of recent rigorous results and new major open problems will be discussed by some of the most expert mathematical physicists in the field.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: S. Albeverio (Bonn), J. Behrndt (Graz), M. Correggi (Rome), G. Dell‘Antonio (Rome and Trieste), R. Figari (Naples), A. K. Motovilov (Dubna), D. Noja (Milan), A. Posilicano (Como), A. Teta (Rome), F. Werner (Paris).