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European Workshop in Macroeconomics

International workshop, organized by the Affiliated Professors at the department of economics Matthias Doepke (Northwestern), Theo Eicher (University of Washington), Monika Piazzesi (Stanford) and Martin Schneider (Stanford), jointly with Gerhard Illing (Munich), Wouter den Haan (Amsterdam), Monika Merz (Bonn), Salvador Ortigueira (EUI) and Klaus Waelde (Mainz).

25.06.2010 – 26.06.2010

The idea of the workshop is to provide an international forum for outstanding advanced Ph.D. students close to completion of their dissertation. A call for papers encourages submissions in all areas of macroeconomics. The program committee selects top students from Europe and the US, inviting them to discuss their current research. All papers will be presented in plenary rounds and allow time for extensive discussions. In the workshop, feedback from international experts will prepare the students for the standards expected at international research conferences and the academic job market.