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Internationaler Workshop – "Literary Theory and the Sciences"

Ein internationaler Workshop des ICLA Committee on Literary Theory unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Robert Stockhammer (LMU).

30.06.2011 – 02.07.2011

The present relation between the humanities and the (natural) sciences is still relying on the dichotomy of the 'two cultures'. The Workshop explores potentialities of intervening into this dichotomy, from the point of view of literature and literary theory. It reconstructs particular historical responses of literature to science, recollects former interactions between literary theory and other knowledge formations, analyses epistemological presuppositions of scientific methods, and discusses recent cross-disciplinary work.

Abendvortrag am 30. Juni um 19 Uhr c.t.:

Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner – "Meister Floh and the Puzzling Art of Mindreading"

Michael Hagner ist Professor für Wissenschaftsforschung an der ETH Zürich.