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Prediction, Registration, and Replication of Scientific Findings

Workshop unter Leitung von Taisuke Imai, Ph.D. (CAS Junior Researcher in Residence/LMU).

01.06.2021 – 02.06.2021

Many disciplines in social sciences have adopted policies and practices in response to the reproducibility debate. The most widely adopted reforms include: de-emphasizing statistical significance to discourage a dichotomous interpretation of the statistical evidence; pre-registration of experiments and the use of pre-analysis plans to limit the degrees of freedom researchers have; and launching a new type of publication called "registered Reports", where journals commit to publishing a study based solely on its design and analysis plan but before seeing its findings. What have we learned, and how should we move forward? The workshop will bring together researchers working on topics related to open and reproducible science and discuss these questions.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Abel Brodeur (Ottawa), Christopher Chambers (Cardiff), Anna Dreber (Stockholm School of Economics), Tom Hardwicke (Amsterdam), Sabine Hoffmann (LMU), Macartan Humphreys (Columbia University/WZB), Maximilian Kasy (Oxford), Gideon Nave (Pennsylvania), Felix Schönbrodt (LMU), Eva Vivalt (Toronto).

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Workshop-Programm: "Prediction, Registration, and Replication of Scientific Findings"