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Axis Empires: Toward a Global History of Fascist Imperialism

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Daniel Hedinger (LMU Research Fellow) und Dr. Reto Hofmann (Monash University, Melbourne).

23.11.2015 – 24.11.2015

This workshop examines the relationship between fascism and imperialism. Understanding "fascism" broadly as the ideology and politics that emerged in Japan, Italy, and Germany, it seeks to investigate the empires developed by these countries in the context of the wider, global experience of imperialism by proposing a transnational and comparative approach to the question of fascist imperialism.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Richard Bosworth (Oxford), Rotem Kowner (Haifa), Janis Mimura (Stony Brook University, NY), Louise Young (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

Abendvortrag am 23. November 2015 um 18 Uhr c.t.:

Prof. Victoria de Grazia, Ph.D. – "Imperialism versus Imperialism? The European New Order's Struggle against the Anglo-American Colonial Order in the Mediterranean and East Africa"

Victoria de Grazia ist Professorin für Geschichte an der Columbia University.


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