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How Words Emerge and Dissolve: Evidence from Speech Production, Speech Perception, Acquisition and Disorders

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Jonathan Harrington und PD Dr. Marianne Pouplier.

17.05.2016 – 18.05.2016

Spoken language is infinitely variable not just because of the very obvious speaker differences (biological age, gender, dialect), but also because speech production is adapted to the plethora of social and communicative contexts in which it occurs. At the same time, there is considerable evidence that the sounds of any given language are grammatically organised around a finite and permutable set of consonants and vowels that function to distinguish meaning. This workshop discusses evidence from language acquisition, speech disorders and linguistic diversity in trying to shed new light on how infinite speech dynamics and the abstract categories of grammar are interconnected.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Mary E. Beckman (Ohio State University), Cécile Fougeron (LPP Paris), Pierre Hallé (LPP Paris), Harim Kwon (CLILLAC-ARP Paris), Georgia Zellou (UC Davis).


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