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Experts in Early Modern Expansion

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Susanne Friedrich (CAS Junior Researcher in Residence).

07.02.2013 – 08.02.2013

The workshop will closely examine the functions and relevance of the 'expert' in European expansion in a comparative perspective. The 'expert' – as bearer of a kind of specialized operative knowledge which was accepted as superior in a process of cultural negotiation – would be involved to implement knowledge projects or to deal with particularly challenging tasks. The constellations in which he acted and the functions he performed will be analyzed along with other aspects such as the construction and legitimation of his position. Also, it is imperative to consider opportunities and problems arising from historical work on the figure of the 'expert' in research on early modern expansion.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Eric H. Ash (Wayne State University, Detroit), Carel Davids (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Marian Füssel (Göttingen), Benjamin Steiner (Frankfurt).