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Internationaler Workshop – "The Enlightenment between Europe and the United States: Twentieth-Century Tensions"

International workshop, organized by Prof. Michael Kimmage (Catholic University of America, Washington DC).

27.05.2011 – 28.05.2011

The Enlightenment is often presented as the idea that unifies America and Europe. It shaped the eighteenth-century era of democratic revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic; it fostered the growth of industrial capitalism in the nineteenth century, it was the heart of anti-fascism in the twentieth century and, later, the keystone to Cold War politics. Focusing on the twentieth century, this conference will subject such notions to careful scrutiny. It will investigate narratives that associate the Enlightenment with Europe and America. What plays the central role in these narratives? Is it democracy? Is it a universal norm of human rights? Is it a commitment to science and technology? Or is it political economy – capitalism, social democracy, socialism – that best characterizes the Enlightenment bond between Europe and America?

Abendvortrag am 27. Mai um 19 Uhr s.t.: Prof. Mark Lilla

"The Age of Ignorance: Enlightenment Echoes"

Mark Lilla ist Professor für Ideengeschichte an der Columbia University, New York.