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How Inhibitory Circuits Govern Olfactory Processing

Internationaler Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Veronica Egger (LMU) und Dr. Silke Sachse (MPI für chemische Ökologie, Jena).

21.02.2013 – 22.02.2013

Every level of sensory processing within the brain involves inhibition, a ubiquitous feature of neural circuits. In the olfactory system, inhibition is thought to mediate gain control, synchronization of neural networks, generation of precise timing and contrast enhancement of spatial odor coding. The architecture of the inhibitory neural circuits between second order neurons is a hallmark of olfactory systems and astonishingly similar between mammals and insects. This symposium intends to integrate recent findings regarding the properties and function of these circuits.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Thomas Cleland (Cornell University, NY), Giovanni Galizia (Konstanz), Thomas Kuner (Heidelberg), Christina Labarrera (Jerusalem), Gabriel Lepousez (Institut Pasteur, Paris), Christiane Linster (Cornell University, NY), Andreas Schaefer (Heidelberg), Hartwig Spors (MPI für Biophysik, Frankfurt), Jing Wang (UC San Diego).

Abendvortrag am 21. Februar 2013 um 18 Uhr c.t.:

Prof. Dr. Kensaku Mori – "Neuronal Circuits in the Olfactory System. From Odor Information to Motivational Behaviors"

Kensaku Mori ist Professor für Physiologie an der Universität Tokio.