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Workshop "Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Axon Degeneration"

International workshop at Lake Eibsee, Germany, organized by Prof. Dr. Martin Kerschensteiner (LMU)

03.10.2010 – 06.10.2010

Speakers: D. Bishop (USA), A. Brown (USA), P. Caroni (Switzerland), M. Coleman (UK), V. De Paola (UK), M. Freeman (USA), L. Fugger (UK), J. Galbraith (USA), M. Kano (Japan), J. Lichtman (USA), R. Martini (Germany), J. Milbrandt (USA), K.-A. Nave (Germany), O. Schuldiner (Israel), S.K. Song (USA), M. Spira (Israel), P. Stys (Canada), M. Tessier-Lavigne (USA), D. Trauner (Germany), J. Twiss (USA)

Location: Lake Eibsee, Germany
Registration fee: 500€ for PIs and 200€ for PhD/Post-docs
Registration: Please register from May 15th to 30th June: Email.
  • Detailed information about registration, schedule, poster presentation, traveling and accomodation are available here (PDF, 940 KByte).
  • For further information please refer to the workshop's webpage.