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Privata Luxuria: Towards an Archaeology of Intimacy. Pompeii and Beyond

An international workshop for early-career researchers organized by Dr. Anna Anguissola (CAS Researcher in Residence).

24.03.2011 – 25.03.2011

How the concept of intimacy was perceived in the Roman society, and how 'private' domestic spaces were, remain widely debated problems. So far, scholarship has concentrated mainly on layout and paintings, to address the role that houses played in the construction of personal identities and in self-presentation. However, new interpretive models have shown that a wider approach is required to define the Roman dwellings in terms of intimacy. The round-table is targeted at international early-career researchers who have developed multi-disciplinary and highly innovative approaches to Roman housing. Contributors come from a variety of backgrounds and traditions, adopt different methodologies and draw on diverse theoretical approaches to address privacy and related problems.

Teilnehmer sind: Antonio Calabrò (Pisa), Margherita Carucci (Helsinki), Dora D’Auria (Paris), Miko Flohr (Oxford), Riccardo Helg (Bologna), Taylor Lauritsen (Edinburgh), Chiara Maratini (Venezia), Laura Nissinen (Helsinki), Helmut Schwaiger (Wien).