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Synopses and Lists (I). Textual Practices in the Pre-Modern World

Workshop unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Peter Adamson, Dr. Teresa Bernheimer, Dr. Rotraud Hansberger, Prof. Dr. Loren Stuckenbruck, Prof. Dr. Ronny Vollandt und Prof. Dr. Martin Wallraff (LMU).

07.10.2019 – 10.10.2019

Textual practices in pre-modern societies cover a great range of representation, from the literary to the pictorial. Among the most intriguing are synopses and lists. While lists provide a complete enumeration of ideas, people, events, or terms, synopses juxtapose one against the other. To understand how they were planned, produced, and consumed, is to gain insight into the practices of what one can call management of knowledge in a time before out to our own. Synopses and lists entail a variety of textual practices to allow storing, retrieving, selecting, and organizing this knowledge. Both make deliberate – yet not always explicit – choices as to what is included and excluded, thereby creating lasting hierarchies and canons.

Alle Teilnehmer sind Fellows im CAS-Schwerpunkt "Textual Practices": Maroussia Bednarkiewicz (Aga Khan University London), Lennart Lehmhaus (FU Berlin), Liv Ingeborg Lied (Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society, Oslo), Marilena Maniaci (University of Cassino), Matthew P. Monger (Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society, Oslo), Peter E. Pormann (Manchester), Rebecca Sebbagh (Erfurt), Peter Tarras (Würzburg).


CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München

Für die Teilnahme an diesem Workshop ist eine vorherige, persönliche Einladung Voraussetzung.