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CAS Conference – Synthetic Biology II

27.07.2015 – 29.07.2015

27 - 29 July 2015 | | Poster (61 KByte)

DNAThe second CAS Conference on Synthetic Biology will take place in Munich. It is one of the largest conferences in this field in Europe. Top European scientists as well as excellent scientists from US are invited. The conference is planned as a platform to exchange and discuss cutting-edge results on Synthetic Biology. The topics will cover all aspects ranging from mirror biology, orthogonal biosystems, metabolic and genome engineering technologies as well as translational aspects of Synthetic Biology. Additionally, one session will be on strategic European activities.

Confirmed Speakers: Uri Alon (Weizmann Institute) • Joel Bader (Johns Hopkins) • Jochen Förster (TU Denmark) • Paul Freemont (Imperial College) • Jörg Hoheisel (DKFZ) • Andrew Horwitz (Amyris, Inc.) • Clyde Hutchison III (J. Craig Venter Institute) • Roman Jerala (National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana • Jens Klein (Evolva SA) • Annette Kremser (ERASynBio) • Liedewij Laan (TU Delft) • Timothy Lu (MIT) • Floyd Romesberg (Scripps) • Luis Rubio (Madrid) • Anne Sawyer (Bochum) • Beatrix Süß (Darmstadt) • Bruce Turnbull (Leeds)

Gruppenfoto "CAS Conference – Synthetic Biology II"

CAS Research Focus Logo – Synthetic Biology II

Coordination: CASLMU – CAS Research Focus "Synthetic Biology II"

Scientific Organizers: Kirsten Jung • Dieter Braun • Erwin Frey • Ulrich Gerland • Andreas Ladurner • Zan Luthey-Schulten • Thorsten Mascher • Martin Parniske • Joachim Rädler

Location: Biocenter of the LMU Munich, Martinsried | Directions

Shuttle Service: There will be a shuttle bus taking you in the mornings from the underground station "Klinikum Großhadern" to the Biocenter ("Großhaderner Straße") and back in the evenings. At "Klinikum Großhadern" the bus will wait for you behind the gate. | Shuttle Bus Schedule (36 KByte)

Schedule: The conference will start at 2 p.m. on Monday and end at ca. 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Registration for confirmed participants is open from 1 p.m. on Monday. | Program (74 KByte)


  • Deadline for Registration: Open
  • Conference fee :
    • 130 € for all 3 days (includes coffee breaks, lunches and welcome night)
    • + Conference Dinner: 150 € for all 3 days
    • 65 € for 1 day (includes lunch and coffee break on the day of attendance)
  • Ph.D. student fee :
    • 65 € for all 3 days (includes coffee breaks, lunches and welcome night)
    • + Conference Dinner: 85 € for all 3 days
    • 32,50 € for 1 day (includes lunch and coffee break on the day of attendance)
  • Students: Free of charge (w/o meals)
  • Conference Dinner: 28 July 2015 (20 €)
  • Talks and Posters:
    • Talks and poster were selected: List of Posters (61 KByte)
    • If you have a presentation for your talk, please come to the information desk to load them on the conference laptops (Microsoft and Apple).
    • Please note: Loading data from your laptop/flash drive will only be possible during the coffee and lunch breaks.
  • Welcome Night: 27 July 2015 at the "Biocenter Martinsried"
    (Please indicate on the electronic form below whether you will join the welcome night)
  • Electronic Registration Form:

Konferenz - Online Event Management mit der Ticketing-Lösung von XING EVENTS

Accomodation: We have selected several hotels in Munich. In case you wish to book a room, please do that by 7 June 2015 using the keyword: SynBio Conference | Hotelmap (823 KByte)


  • Information Desk at the Biocenter LMU Martinsried
  • Center for Advanced Studies LMU: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 72080
  • Taxi Munich: +49 (0) 89 / 450540