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Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Text and Interpretation

Internationale Tagung unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Oliver Primavesi (LMU) und Prof. Dr. Marwan Rashed (Sorbonne/CAS Fellow).

29.05.2018 – 30.05.2018

The workshop concentrates on two consecutive chapters of the middle books of the Metaphysics. The chapters concerned are Z17 and H1, which are commonly considered to have a key function for Aristotle's ontological project and particularly for the relationship between form and material, even though the exact definition of this function is a subject of controversy. Oliver Primavesi and Marwan Rashed will make a preliminary new edition of these two chapters available in advance to the participants of the workshop. This new edition differs from editions previously used not least because it is the first to make use of the Arabic transmission. The new edition of the two chapters is to be subject to a 'close reading', with an attempt thus being made not only to reach a clarification of some of the text problems, but also to reach a better understanding of the structural function and the relationship between the content of books Z and H.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Ömer Aygün (Galatasaray University Istanbul/CAS Fellow), Cristina Cerami (Sorbonne), David Charles (Yale/CAS Fellow), Alan Code (Stanford/CAS Fellow), Pieter Sjoerd Hasper (Bloomington/Tübingen/ CAS Fellow), David Lefebvre (Sorbonne), Hendrik Lorenz (Princeton), Benjamin Morison (Princeton), Christopher Shields (Notre Dame).

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