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New Perspectives on Virtue and Vice

Eine internationale Tagung unter Leitung von Dr. Julia Peters (LMU Research Fellow).

04.02.2011 – 05.02.2011

The philosophical discussion of virtue today continues to be closely associated with a broadly Aristotelian paradigm centering on the notion of eudaimonia as an overarching good at which virtuous action is directed, and often presupposing a naturalistic framework within which virtue is understood as the perfection of human nature. However, in recent years philosophers have begun to question whether the Aristotelian paradigm provides in fact the most fruitful and plausible framework for a convincing account of virtue, and have subjected some of the fundamental tenets of Aristotle’s account to critical scrutiny. By bringing together philosophers who work on virtue within a broadly Aristotelian paradigm with others who are critical of this paradigm or favor alternative approaches, this conference aims to reflect the variety of philosophical perspectives from which virtue is being discussed today.

Teilnehmer sind u. a. Monika Betzler (Bern), Christoph Halbig (Jena), Thomas Hurka (Toronto), Daniel Russell (Wichita).

Abendvortrag am 4. Februar um 19 Uhr s.t.:

Prof. Candace Vogler – Justice as a Virtue

Work on virtue in Anglophone ethics is rooted in efforts to understand the character of practical wisdom’s excellent use of human reason to the end of right action and a good life. Anglophone virtue ethics is deeply indebted to readings of Aristotle. There are many ways of working to understand the character of virtue. Candace Vogler will argue in favor of an account of virtue as fundamentally corrective or remedial. This kind of account of virtue puts pressure on crucial aspects of Aristotle's account and has been accused of resting in a picture of human beings as essentially bad or wicked. Candace Vogler will work to square a corrective account of virtue with some of Aristotle's insights, with common sense about the challenge of the ethical, and with more optimism about human beings than is usual in corrective accounts of virtue.

Candace Vogler ist Professorin für Philosophie an der University of Chicago und derzeit Visiting Fellow am CAS.

Ort: Vortragssaal des CAS
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