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The Early Development of Prosocial Behavior

Internationale Tagung unter Leitung von Dr. Markus Paulus (CAS Junior Researcher in Residence).

17.12.2012 – 18.12.2012

Struck by a number of experimental findings reporting that first instances of prosocial action can be found in infancy, developmental research in the past few years has met increasing interest in the early origins of prosocial behavior. This has led to the emergence of a number of theoretical accounts and proposals on the ontogenesis of human prosociality. The conference connects researchers from different disciplines – besides developmental psychology also comparative psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy – and is dedicated to an examination of the origins of prosocial action. It aims at facilitating integrative discussion and explores possible solutions in the field for a hotly disputed topic in developmental science.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Hans-Werner Bierhoff (Bochum), Malinda Carpenter (MPI für evolutionäre Anthropologie, Leipzig), Dale Hay (Cardiff), Jutta Kienbaum (PH Karlsruhe), Valerie Kuhlmeier (Kingston, Kanada), Kristina Olson (Yale University).