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The Debate on the Soul of Animals in Renaissance Philosophy (II)

Tagung unter Leitung von Dr. Cecilia Muratori (LMU).

08.03.2012 – 09.03.2012

This is the second meeting of a working group on the topic of the distinction between man and animal in Renaissance philosophy. Building on the reading seminar which took place in 2010, this conference presents the results of this work-inprogress, aiming at a reconstruction of a relevant yet often neglected topic in the history of philosophy. Thorough discussion of the papers will allow the tracing of recurrent topics – can the soul of animals partake at all in immortality? In what ways can it be considered rational? Is the distance between humans, animals and plants a continuous one or not? – while appreciating the originality of the perspectives and the authors selected.

Teilnehmer sind: Burkhard Dohm (Marburg), Maria-Christine Leitgeb (Wien), Thomas Ricklin (München), Anna Laura Puliafito (Basel), Sabrina Ebbersmeyer (München), Guido Giglioni (London), Sandra Plastina (Cosenza), Fabio Frosini (Urbino)

Abendvortrag am 8. März um 17.30 Uhr s.t.: Gianni Paganini

"Theism and Atheism in Hume's Dialogues: A Question of Words?"

Gianni Paganini ist Professor für Geschichte der Philosophie an der Università del Piemonte Orientale "Amedeo Avogrado" in Vercelli.