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Passages of Exile

Internationale Tagung unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Burcu Dogramaci (LMU) und Prof. Elizabeth Otto, Ph.D. (University at Buffalo/CAS Fellow).

09.12.2016 – 10.12.2016

The current movement of refugees across the Mediterranean Sea and its often tragic course of events have emphatically reinforced the significance of escape routes for scholarly research. This interdisciplinary conference will examine these routes more closely as spaces of artistic and literary experience. "Passages of Exile" incorporates various historical and contemporary changes of location from the 20th and 21st centuries, for example exile during the Nazi period, routes of labor migration as well as political refugee movements of the present day.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Deborah Ascher Barnstone (Sydney), Renate Berger (Berlin), Darcy C. Buerkle (Smith College, Northampton/ Mass.), Veronika Fuechtner (Dartmouth), Verena Krieger (Jena), Anna Parkinson (Northwestern University), Martin Schieder (Leipzig), Joachim Schlör (Southampton).


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