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Object Fantasies. Forms & Fictions

Internationale Tagung unter Leitung von Dr. Philippe Cordez (LMU).

07.10.2015 – 09.10.2015

In the modern understanding of the word, "object" signifies an entity that is materially constituted, spatially defined and functionally determined. In contrast, the Latin word "fantasia" has, since antiquity, signified an apparition or the ability to imagine something that could be equally an image, a concept or an object. The conference takes this conceptual opposition as the starting point for its inquiry into the creation of new objects and into the perception and handling of existing objects.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Doron Bauer (Florida State University), Anna Bücheler (Universität Zürich), Alexander Collins (Edinburgh), Anna Grasskamp (Heidelberg), Basile Pallas (Bordeaux).

Keynote Lecture am 7. Oktober 2015 um 19 Uhr c.t.:

Ludovic Coupaye, Ph.D. – "Realising Fantasies, Unveiling Creations: Objects as Processes-Made-Things"

Ludovic Coupaye ist Lecturer am Department für Anthropologie am University College London.


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