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The Cold War and American Music, 1945-2000

Internationale Tagung unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Christof Mauch (LMU), Dr. Britta Waldschmidt-Nelson (DHI, Washington DC), Prof. Michael Kimmage (Catholic University, Washington).

22.06.2012 – 23.06.2012

The Cold War and its impact on American music, at home and abroad, are the organizing motifs of this international conference. It will explore proliferating genres and their respective fusions within American music – from jazz to R&B, to rock-and-roll, to folk and classical music – across a geographic and historical continuum. It will examine the relationship between regionalism and urbanism, on the one hand, and genre hierarchies on the other. Given that music was a pivotal aspect of American Cold War diplomacy, this conference will chart the ways in which American music was produced, received and assimilated in Europe, including the Soviet Union, with particular attention paid to Germany.

Die Veranstaltung findet statt in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Deutschen Historischen Institut, Washington DC, dem Lasky Center für Transatlantische Studien an der LMU und der Catholic University of America, Washington DC.

Teilnehmer sind u.a.: Amy Beal (Santa Cruz), Penny von Eschen (Ann Arbor), Petra Goedde (Philadelphia), Uta Poiger (Boston), Helle Porsdam (Kopenhagen), Ernest Suarez (Washington), Matthias Tischer (Hochschule Neubrandenburg).