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Modernity in Translation? The Global Phenomenon of Modernism

Internationales Symposium im Rahmen von "Changing Views – 100 Jahre nach der Ausstellung 'Meisterwerke muhammedanischer Kunst' in München"


Investigation of artistic and cultural diversity has been undertaken within the discrete frames and disciplines of understanding the semantic specificity of works, writers, artists and genres or schools, and, more importantly, within a nationally oriented paradigm. What art studies have not yet attempted to do is to explain how the global phenomenon of Modernism came to be. What were the factors that led to a particular set of, mainly Western, artistic practices being exported to and established in entirely diverse cultural environments? How did these processes of transposition affect the new host cultures and how did they in turn change the practices being exported? This conference aims to provide several corrective insights into existing historiographical principles and research agendas by re-thinking modernism as an artistic practice and modernization as a political, economic and institutional manifestation.

Teilnehmer sind u. a. Christopher Balme (LMU), Burcu Dogramaci (LMU), Kirsten Scheid (American University of Beirut), Avinoam Shalem (LMU), Wendy Shaw (Universität Bern), Glenn Penny (University of Iowa).