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A Tale from the Neurology Clinic: Doc, I have an Upside-Down Circadian Clock

Referent: Prof. William J. Schwartz | Moderation: Prof. Dr. Martha Merrow

19.05.2014 um 18:15 Uhr

Most organisms have evolved to incorporate the external day-night cycle as a genetically determined temporal program. This endogenous, temperature-compensated timekeeping mechanism ("circadian clock") recognizes local time, measures its passage, and contributes to the regulation of homeostasis, seasonal behavior, and navigation. Progress in understanding its neurobiology has been almost unimaginable, and the practical importance of human circadian rhythmicity in health and disease is now being realized. In his talk, William Schwartz will show how a diagnosis can be made and a rational treatment plan designed – all based on translating our knowledge of basic circadian biology to the bedside using one of his patients who was suffering from severe sleep disorder as an example.

William J. Schwartz ist Professor für Neurologie an der University of Massachusetts Medical School. Im Sommersemester 2014 hält er sich als Visiting Fellow am CAS auf.

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CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München
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