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Human Genome Editing: Who Gets to Decide?

Referent: Prof. Dietram Scheufele, Ph.D. | Moderation: Prof. Dr. Martin Parniske (LMU)

19.12.2017 um 17:00 Uhr

Scientific breakthroughs surrounding human gene editing have moved medical treatments that seemed science fiction just a few years ago within scientists’ reach. But the idea of editing the human genome also raises questions that science alone cannot answer. What are the ethical and moral boundaries of the human race editing its own genome? Who will have access to many of the potentially expensive medical treatments resulting from this new area of research? And where is the line between treating serious disease and enhancing humans beyond what society considers "normal"?
This talk will discuss some of these questions, none of which have simple or obvious answers. It will also highlight the need for broad societal discussions, not just about the scientific risks and benefits, but also about the moral, political, and societal complexities surrounding human genome editing.

Dietram Scheufele ist John E. Ross Professor für Wissenschaftskommunikation und Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor an der University of Wisconsin-Madison und Visiting Fellow am CAS.

Der Vortrag ist eine Kooperation zwischen dem Schwerpunkt "Biology of Genomes" und dem Schwerpunkt "Evidenzbasierte Praxis".

Ort und Anmeldung

Biozentrum, Großhadernerstraße 2-4 in Martinsried // Hörsaal G00.001, 82152 Planegg
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