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Hybrid LCA towards Sustainable Management of Metals: Quality- and Dilution Losses in Recycling

Referent: Shinichiro Nakamura (Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan)

21.09.2012 um 12:15 Uhr

Metals can in theory be infinitely recycled in a closed-loop without any degradation in quality. In reality, however, open-loop recycling is more typical for metal scrap recovered from end-of-life (EoL) products because mixing of different metal species results in scrap quality that no longer matches the originals. Further losses occur when meeting the quality requirement of the target product requires dilution of the secondary material by adding high purity materials. Standard LCA usually does not address these losses. In his talk Shinichiro Nakamura presents a novel approach to quantifying quality- and dilution losses, by means of hybrid input-output analysis. He focuses on the losses associated with the recycling of metals from end of-life vehicle (ELV) due to the uncontrolled mixing of alloying elements.

Ort: Richard-Wagner-Straße 10, Raum 013
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