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What Is Global Bioethics?

Referent: Prof. Angus Dawson, Ph.D. | Moderation: PD Dr. Verina Wild (LMU)

30.01.2019 um 18:30 Uhr

Bioethics involves the exploration of ethical issues that arise in relation to health, medicine and the life sciences. In his talk, Angus Dawson explores different possible senses in which bioethics might be thought of as "global". First, is this a spatial claim? Should the focus be on a set of ethical issues that occur in a number of places around the world? Second, is this a claim about a particular kind of ethical problem, perhaps one that requires some kind of "global" rather than “national” solution? Third, is global bioethics concerned with a different set of governance issues and norms that seek to coordinate and guide national implementation? Fourth, is this term requiring us to focus on issues that arise in relation to globalisation?

Angus Dawson ist Professor für Bioethik and Direktor der Sydney Health Ethics School of Public Health der University of Sydney und derzeit Visiting Fellow am CAS.

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