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String Theory and the Scientific Method

Referent: Dr. Richard Dawid | Moderation: Prof. Dr. Stephan Hartmann

10.12.2013 um 19:00 Uhr

For the last thirty years, string theory has played a highly influential role in fundamental physics without having found empirical confirmation. The presentation will analyze reasons for the high degree of trust many physicists have developed in a theory that, according to classical standards of theory assessment, would have to be called an unconfirmed speculation. It will be argued that the case of string theory suggests a new perspective on our understanding of theory confirmation in general. In the last part of the talk, some implications for the scientific realism debate and the question of reduction in science shall also be addressed.

Richard Dawid ist Wissenschaftsphilosoph an der Universität Wien, wo er das Forschungsprojekt Theory Assessment in String Theory and Cosmic Inflation leitet. Im Wintersemester 2013/14 hält er sich als Visiting Fellow am Center for Advanced Studies auf.

Ort: Vortragssaal des CAS
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