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Vortrag von Prof. John Brewer, Ph.D. - Microhistory and the History of Everyday Life:
Politics and Method

Diskussionsleitung: Prof. Dr. Eckhart Hellmuth

20.07.2010 um 18:15 Uhr

John Brewer examines microhistories and the histories of the everyday both in the context of developments in social and cultural history since the 1960s, and in the light of political and social change in post-War European society. Moving beyond debates about historical narrative, he emphasizes issues of perspective, space, size and historical distance in shaping historical interpretation. This historiographical trend emanates from two major debates within the social sciences and politics. One concerns the nature of everyday life under modern capitalism and ‘consumer society’, the other the vexed issue of human agency. Focusing particularly on Italian microstoria, Brewer argues that such writing is best understood as the commitment to a humanist agenda which places agency and historical meaning in the realm of day-to-day transactions, and which sees their recuperation as the proper task of the historian.

John Brewer ist Professor für Geschichte am California Institute of Technology in Pasadena und derzeit Visiting Fellow am CAS.

Ort: Vortragssaal des CAS
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