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Migration and Law

Referentin: Prof. Leti Volpp, J.D. | Moderation: Prof. Dr. Klaus Benesch

30.06.2016 um 18:15 Uhr

Berkeley-Lecture im Rahmen der Forschungskooperation zwischen der UC Berkeley und der LMU.

In this lecture, Leti Volpp will consider the relationship between the migration of bodies and the migration of images by focusing upon a particular sign and its transatlantic movement. The sign shows the warning "CAUTION" above the silhouette of a running man, woman, and female child. It was created in 1990 by the California Department of Transportation in order to deter drivers from hitting pedestrians crossing freeways near border checkpoints. In the US, the sign is correlated with illegal immigration. The symbol of immigrants running re-emerged under the banner of "Refugees Welcome" in Europe, as seen in football stadiums and train stations across Germany in late August 2015. Tracing this image’s circulation and its transformations demonstrates how dramatic events in recent months have shaped immigration and refugee policies in both the United States and Germany; it also sheds light on the relationship between the illegal immigrant and the refugee.

Leti Volpp ist Robert D. and Leslie Kay Raven Professor of Law in Access to Justice an der University of California in Berkeley. Sie hält sich derzeit als Gastprofessorin an der LMU auf.

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