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Ausschreibung – Fellowships in der CAS Research Group "Handling Visual Distraction"

The Center for Advanced Studies at LMU Munich is a forum for intensive international academic exchange. Its purpose is to promote cooperation with national and international Visiting Fellows who work closely on collaborative projects with LMU professors. In order to intensify cooperation between researchers at LMU Munich and leading experts from other universities, the Center has set up a major new program, the CAS Research Groups, and herein offers

in the Research Group "Handling Visual Distraction"

The CAS Research Group "Handling Visual Distraction" is initiated by Professor Dr. Hermann Müller (Chair for General and Experimental Psychology, LMU) and Dr. Heinrich R. Liesefeld (Researcher at the Department of Psychology, University of Bremen) and will commence its work in October 2021.

The CAS Research Group will investigate the fundamental mechanisms of distractor handling, in particular, two issues at the heart of current debates: (i) various cognitive control mechanisms, and their interplay, of shielding our cognitive system against distraction, and (ii) the role of statistical learning (the incidental extraction and use of regularities in the occurrence of distracting signals in the environment) for mitigating the interference caused by distractors.

To foster decisive progress on these issues, we will summon international experts in the field of visual distraction in Munich in order to take stock of and explicate the conflicting views within a common, computationally explicit framework and then identify ways of resolving the open issues by a combination of experimental work (using cognitive-neuroscience techniques) and theoretical integration. To this end, we plan a smaller opening online meeting (October 2021) and a closing conference with the wider community of scientists involved (July/August 2022; to be documented in an international journal Special Issue), with extended research stays directly before and/or after the closing conference. In between these meetings, there will be several highly focused online workshops on specific theoretical and empirical questions related to the Research Group.

The CAS Research Group will bring together internationally renowned researchers who are invited to LMU Munich to contribute to the Group’s research. Applications are welcome from all the main substantive sub-disciplines of Psychology/Neuroscience, including (Neuro-) Cognitive Psychology, Mathematical Psychology, Biological Psychology, but also from other experts in empirical and theoretical methods relevant to the CAS Research Group. Both senior and junior (postdoc) researchers are encouraged to apply. The Center for Advanced Studies will provide financial and organizational support for visits of 2 – 4 weeks around the closing conference in July/August 2022. Travel and accommodation will be paid for and an expense allowance or other compensation (according to individual agreement) will be provided to cover operating costs or as recompense for any loss of income sustained. Guests will receive a workspace in the Center or the nearby Institute of Psychology and will have access to all its facilities. Visiting researchers will find an open and stimulating research environment in an interdisciplinary setting.

Applications should consist of a brief outline (1-2 pages) of the expertise, field of exchange and intended contribution to the CAS Research Group. Applications should also contain relevant credentials and a résumé including a list of the most recent publications. In order to strengthen the role of women in research, female scholars are strongly encouraged to apply.

For any questions on the CAS Research Groups in general, please contact Dr. Lena Bouman.

For questions related to this specific CAS Research Group, please contact Dr. Heinrich R. Liesefeld:

Please submit all the application documents electronically (in one PDF file) by
30 March 2021 to:

Center for Advanced StudiesLMU (CASLMU)
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Note: Please send your electronic application material combined into one PDF file.

Application deadline is 30 March 2021.